May 15

So the site has not been updated because I have suffered a catastrophic failure on my build systems. So at this time I am working on restoring that functionality and adding some more build systems while I can.

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Sep 12

This is a quick note that two more files have been added for binary maintenance:


This is from now on going to be maintained as part of the builds.
If you would like any packages put on the list please just post a reply.

Sep 08

Hello All,

Due to some issues and warnings I have removed “bindist” from all the profiles. The Binhosts page has been changed appropriately as well to account for this.

All the profiles are up to date with this new settings. When you issue an update it is recommended that you update and use “–newuse”.


emerge --update --deep --newuse @world -g
May 24

So the way we keep up on the packages is by either us installing them or a request. So please request the packages to be maintained as the Gentoo Tree is huge.

Here are the packages that were included with the latest rebuild:

On All Systems:


On KDE based Systems:


There are more coming this week and we will post them here!

May 11

As of today:

May 11, 2016

The Binhosts have been updated to the latest releases. At this point I am going to start working on margin sure that the Binhosts have the latest security patches which I was not able to do due to work.