What is Gentoo Binhost?

A portage binhost is a method to reduce the compiling times and a valuable utility for deployment of Gentoo Linux distribution in a multi-system environment. A gentoo binhost is just a binhost for Gentoo.

Gentoo Linux is a source distribution, that means that every package needs to be compiled every time. Sometimes when dealing with slower computer systems such as single board computers or older 32 bit laptops this can be time prohibitive.

This is a binhost which is basically a binary package library for Gentoo. You can read more on binhosts here. The idea is that if your use flags are similar you can install the binary file. For those that do not want to compile your own software or do not want to take the time for a particular package you can take advance of the portage compilation here.

This binhost was started to support the distribution of packages among my multiple Raspberry Pi┬ásingle board computer which has a very long compile time due to a very weak (single core) CPU. ┬áSince then I still use the Raspberry PI’s but not as much as two of the Odroid’s have become my main systems for most everything in the house (XU-3 and XU-4).

Gentoo Linux:

Gentoo Linux is a free operating system based on either Linux or FreeBSD that can be automatically optimized and customized for just about any application or need. Extreme configurability, performance and top-notch user and development community are all hallmarks of the Gentoo Experience.

So what is a Gentoo Binhosts?

Since Gentoo is a compile on the fly distribution it can take a long time for the packages to build on a low end processor. Especially arm based processors. So this is where the binary portion takes place. I am trying to compile as much as possible for arm versions in a multi cpu environment and post it to the binhost environment where all can download.

Also since I am on the Gentoo Security Team, I prioritize the files with Security Vulnerabilities.

The Binary files are Available for :

Arm Systems:

arm6 (RaspberryPi, and others)
arm7 (Odroid XU3, XU4 and others)

32 Bit Systems:

Gentoo 32 Bit x86
Gentoo 32 Bit x86 with KDE

64 Bit Systems:

Gentoo 64 Bit (amd64)
Gentoo 64 Bit (amd64) with KDE

More information on how to use these is found in the binhost setup guide.

Also a list of supported single board computers can be found here.