Why This Blog?

That is a simple answer. As I go around looking for things on the Internet, either in my professional, Hobby, or Personal life I take lots of notes. Once I find things I do not want to look for them again. These notes are part of my digital notebook and I have accumulated a lot of notes throughout the years.  Instead of pointing to various pages for the answers, that do not have my own comments to them I decided that I will post them here so that the notes are not only pointing back to the authors but also have my own comments and experience behind them, where everyone can get to the information. If you watched the movie “The Internship” then you can understand what I mean in putting the notes “On-The Line”, if not go watch the movie.

Who Am I?

My name is Yury German and I am security guy! I started my “Hacking” at 12 years old on my Commodore 64 and have never stopped, going from Commodore 64, to the Amiga computer to an x86 system running Linux. On the Internet I have always (for 30+ years now) have went by the handle of “Blue Knight”. This handle has been with me from the early days of Commodore 64 Bulletin Boards, the Amiga computer where I was using the handle as a SYSOP for General Electric On-Line Information System (GEnie).

As for Linux, well I started using Linux in September of 1994, using Slackware Linux. I remember that date, because as I did a lookup for one of my oldest Email addresses I found a post on a mailing list asking for driver help on an Adaptec AH2842 controller for a system I built. Since that time I used Slackware, Red-Hat (before them going commercial ), Debian, Ubuntu, Suse, and others. Until I found due to an advise of a coworker, and now a friend to look at a distribution called Gentoo. I have been using Gentoo for 9 years now.


I consider Gentoo one of the best distributions out there but not for the people who want a system up and running in 15 minutes. It is not for the beginner unless they are willing to learn what Linux is about instead of pressing the next button on install. But once you do install it, you know the reason something is working and if it breaks how to fix it.

With that being said I am proud to say that I am involved in making Gentoo a great distribution it is today. My contribution to Gentoo is in maintaining the security of Gentoo by being a member of the Gentoo Linux Security Project, and also being part of the Planet Gentoo Project. While this does take up a lot of my free time, I hope that my contributions help others enjoy the distribution along with many other Gentoo Developers and Gentoo Staff that make this awesome free, and highly customizable distribution what it is today.

If you want to learn more go take a look at the Gentoo Web Site.

What to Expect?

The idea is that I will be posting a lot of information about security, and other interest that I have for both Linux, Mac, iPad, Android, etc. As well as some off topic information on various technologies.



Linux Logo Credited to Alana “abluescarab” from Devian Art.